A modern leader should be willing to influence and be influenced by followers. Leaders should grow global competencies, gather intelligence to manage diverse employees and other stakeholders without stepping on the proverbial toes. This module takes you through tenets of running a successful organization to maximize value for the employees, customers, suppliers, government, and the owners of the business. The training is designed for all types of organizations in terms of size and industry mainly for middle and top-level managers.

Key Modules;

  1.  Servant Leadership
  2.  Strategic Leadership and Communication
  3. Innovation, Change, and Inclusivity

Each Module contains classes/lessons and a case study. Kindly notify us when you are ready for a one-on-one intro via zoom with one of our Consultants after making the payment. The material will in some cases contain videos that you will need to replay by typing the link on your browser to augment what you have learnt. After going through the case study, you will be required to write lessons learnt relevant to the learning material in the module.

Contact us for a one-on-one review of the case study with our consultant.  You will undertake a quiz t the end of each module and download an online certificate.

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Note: every learner is required to take a pre-assessment test before proceeding to the main courses If you have not attempted the pre-assessment, click on the course marked "Pre-asessment

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