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    Learn five tips for traveling with your pet


    Specialists also remember to take into account their age coveted family friends, size and breed to transport and care for them in the best way while they enjoy their vacations together.


    Many seek vacations outside the city or new adventures close to home, accompanied by their pets, which is why specialists emphasize taking care of pets to enjoy them in a better way.


    “It is important that pets are also part of family plans during the vacation period. This type of coexistence strengthens the bonds we have with our pets and nourishes family history with memories,” said Adrian Polo, Veterinarian and Technical Manager of the Companion Animal Unit of MSD Animal Health in Central America, the Caribbean and Ecuador. (CENCA EC).


    In that sense, Polo shares five tips to keep in mind and travel in the best way with your pet:


    1. Go to the Veterinarian. It is essential to visit the specialist beforehand, to know the health status of your pet, verify that its vaccines are up to date; and, with this, know if its conditions are optimal for making a trip. It is important to keep in mind that some tourist places request that guardians have a vaccination and deworming card for the pet. Before leaving, go to the Veterinarian to make sure that the vaccination plan is updated, in order to protect it from diseases such as Parvovirus, Distemper, Leptospirosis, Rabies and kennel cough, among others.


    2. Strategic deworming. Going on a trip involves exposing the pet to a different scenario, with warm, humid climates, with more vegetation, the presence of wild or field animals and this increases the risk of infestations by fleas and ticks. To do this, it is recommended that before the trip, your pet is protected against external parasites several days before leaving for your destination.


    Today, there are long-lasting products that provide up to 12 weeks of continuous protection, capable of breaking the flea and tick cycle.


    3. Prepare your suitcase in advance. Make a list of all the items necessary for both of you, in order to spend a pleasant vacation. This should include, for example: your pet's vaccination card, leash, toys, medications (only if prescribed by a specialist), bags to collect waste, cleaning accessories, among others.


    4. Find out about "pet friendly" establishments. Currently there are several places that have the "pet friendly" seal that provide the necessary safety conditions to enjoy the holidays with your faithful friend. While you organize the trip, investigate these types of businesses and even look for veterinary clinics and hospitals in the area where you will spend your vacation, in case of an emergency; This way the pet can remain at your side with peace of mind.


    5. Brush the coat frequently. Pets are very susceptible to being infested during walks in the countryside, the beach and any place where they are exposed. Therefore, it is important to brush your dog's hair every three days, even during vacations.


    Specialists also remember to take into account their age, size and breed to transport and care for them in the best way while they enjoy their vacations together. In addition, keep your pet well hydrated, in cool places and away from direct rays of the sun.

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